Saturday, 17 March 2012

Kitchen Design: Bistro Board

I'm someone who loves my flat to be full of little knick knacks and trinkets. I think the little touches are what make a difference to a home. And I'm always looking out for something unusual and reasonably priced to add to my collection.

I only left university in June 2010 so am still in the process of putting together my 'home'. I live with my other half and his 'stuff' focuses more on games consoles and computer parts. So I've been working on making the flat more homely.

I love browsing craft fairs and whilst working in a high street accessories store temporarily over Christmas I met a colleague who has her own small crafts business. Whilst she primarily sells via local craft fairs she's building an online presence for her company Bumbleblue.

One of the items she's selling which I've fallen a little in love with is this recipe blackboard, similar to what you'd find in a bistro.

Perfect for writing up recipes or food related messages to hang in your kitchen and a steal for £6!

Check out Bumbleblue!

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