Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Something Beautiful for your Spoons

So my other half is very particular about certain things. One is the what we do with spoons whilst cooking in the kitchen. I used to be happy just to leave them on the clean worktop or lean them against a pan. However this used to really bother him (and looking back I can see why!). So he always uses a side plate as a spoon rest.

For those of you with a similar preference but who would like something a little more special and pretty, look no further! Here are a few special spoon rests that will look beautiful in your kitchen.
This beauty can be bought for £14.50 from The House Gallery

Stiletto Spoon Rest, £8.95 from Gordon Smith
A little more expensive, £38 by Jonathan Adler
Talavera Spoon Rest, £10.40

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  1. :o its my shoe! I love my shoe. It keeps my work surfaces clean, and confuses people who come into my kitchen. Win.